Carol Marine
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Daily Painting Workshop, Texas
October 9 - 13, 2017 (5 days) | San Antonio, TX
Cost per Person: US $800

Workshop Detail

Whether you are painting for a living or hobby, painting small and often is a powerful way to rapidly improve your skills. There is a fast growing group of people, called daily painters, who do small paintings every day, post photographs of their paintings on a blog, and then sell them online. In this way, many artists are finding they can grow quickly in skill and finally make a living with their art.

We will spend most of our time on the basic principles of design - the rules of composition, value, color, and shape - and how to apply them to small still lives. We will experiment with color relationships using an alternative to the traditional color wheel, explore color mixing, and how each color "leans" towards others. We will push our compositions to avoid "floating" objects and learn the one, simple rule of composition. Throughout, there will be demos with handouts and one-on-one critiques.

Finally, we will learn how to set up a daily painting blog, the in's and out's selling online, marketing your work, etc. There will be reference material on this to take home.

The cost for this workshop includes a scrumptious lunch each workshop day, on-site, and an opening reception. They used to have this as an option, but everyone always chose it! They can accommodate any diet restrictions.

This workshop will be held at Whistle Stop Corner, in San Antonio. They have lodging on-site for those who act fast. Their number is: 210. 602 8562

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at anytime prior to the start of the workshop, Carol will send you a check for the full refund, minus the $20 PayPal fee, only if a replacement can be found. Carol will do her absolute best to find a replacement using the workshop's wait list and by reaching out to her many followers through social media.

Please understand that the later you cancel the more difficult it will be to find a replacement.

Wait List Policy

If a space for the workshop become available, everyone on the waitlist will be notified by email at the same time. The first person able to register for the newly available space will get it. It does not matter when you were placed on the wait list.

While we would prefer to be able to contact each person in the order they signed up for the waitlist, it is impractical to do so since allowing each individual time to register or not could require too much time to fill available spaces. This is an important consideration for people who have canceled and will only receive a refund if their space is filled. We appreciate your understanding!

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